The Professional Linking Program (PLP) is a unique teacher education program that enables working paraprofessionals, student support workers, para-educators (e.g., education assistants, child and youth care workers, counselors, settlement workers), independent schools educators, and Francophone teachers working with letters of permission to become certified as teachers in British Columbia.

We are accepting applications of admission to the PLP in Prince Rupert until June 30, 2020. Please refer any potential applicants to our Program Assistant, Mariella Ocampo (CC’d), at Mariella can provide general info about the PLP in Prince Rupert, including Admission requirements and open up the application system for them if they wish to apply. Please let any prospective applicants that you may be in contact with know that June 30, 2020 is our final admission application deadline for this program and applications will not be accepted after this date.