Committees and Trustees List 2021

Board of Education:
Janet Beil, James Horne, Kristy Maier, Tina Last, Bart Kuntz, Louisa Sanchez, Kate Toye

Chairperson:     James Horne
Vice Chairperson:    Kate Toye

BCSTA Provincial Council Member:    Louisa Sanchez
BCSTA Provincial Council Alternate:   Kristy Maier

Bargaining Representative Council Member:     Bart Kuntz
Bargaining Representative Council Alternate:    Kate Toye

School Liaison Appointments
CHSS:       Kate Toye
Conrad:    Louisa Sanchez
École Roosevelt:  Kristy Maier
Hartley Bay:   Louisa Sanchez
Lax Kxeen:      Tina Last
Pacific Coast:  James Horne
Pineridge:        Bart Kuntz
Port Edward:  Janet Beil
PRMS :             Janet Beil

School Board Representatives
Personnel Committee:   James Horne, Kate Toye
Framework for Enhanced Student Learning:  Kate Toye, Louisa Sanchez
Finance and Building Committee:  Kristy Maier, James Horne, Kate Toye
Policy Committee:  James Horne, Janet Beil

Other Committees
Aboriginal Education Council:  Kate Toye, Tina Last (alternate)
District Parent Advisory:  Kirsty Maier, Kate Toye (alternate)
District Technology:  Bart Kuntz
District Scholarship Committee:  Louisa Sanchez
Canadian Parents for French:  Kristy Maier, Louisa Sanchez (alternate)
Healthy Community Integration Committee:  Kate Toye
Lester Center of the Performing Arts:  Janet Beil, Tina Last (alternate)
Equity Scan:  Louisa Sanchez