Weekly Newsletter

This year , SD52 will be publishing a weekly newsletter that showcases all the amazing accomplishments, events , programming, and educational opportunities in our district. Be sure to check back every Friday for your weekly update.    

SD52 Dump Truck for Sale

School District 52 is selling a commercial 2007 Ford Dump Truck. Offers will be accepted by sealed bid with the minimum bid of $5,000.Sealed bids to be delivered to the School District 52 board office (634 6 Ave E, Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1X1) before 3pm Friday December 14th. Attn: Secretary Treasurer, Re: Dump Truck Bid Sold

Erase Bullying

  Simply put, bullying is a pattern of unwelcome or aggressive behaviour, often with the goal of making others uncomfortable, scared or hurt. It’s almost always used as a way of having control or power over their target, and it is often based on another person’s appearance, culture, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

The School Act requires each Board of Education in British Columbia to prepare a district planning document known as The Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (The Framework). The Framework is an opportunity for local educational stakeholders to collaborate and create the conditions to improve student learning for all students. The Framework model encourages us to