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Welcome Back to School:

Please see the attached document for the ministrys back to school message:

Graduation News:

The B.C. Graduation Program is changing. The Ministry of Education has worked with educators, post-secondary institutions and employers to update the program. The B.C. Graduation Program ensures that students graduate from secondary school as educated citizens, with the knowledge, competencies, and skills they will need to transition successfully into higher education, training and the workforce.

B.C. Certificate of Graduation

Students must earn at least 80 course credits and complete the Provincial Graduation Assessments in numeracy and literacy to graduate. Find full details about requirements for the B.C. Certificate of Graduation.

B.C. Adult Graduation Diploma

Provincial policies supporting students earning their Adult Dogwood have not changed. Find full details on Adult Dogwood requirements.


Funding News:

The Ministry of Education released the final report from the independent review panel on education funding.
The Independent Review Panel‘s final report is now available online:

Please note that no changes will be made to the existing funding model for the 2019-20 school year.

In January, the government will be establishing working groups of key education sector partners to provide advice on how to address the key themes from the report in order to create a more equitable funding model.

Read the Panel’s Funding Model Review Report  (PDF)

in the next phase of renewing the Province’s education funding model, working groups will be formed in January 2019 to engage further on the key areas and themes identified in the report.


Aboriginal Report 2013/14 – 2017/18 How Are We Doing? 

The Aboriginal “How Are We Doing?” report provides information about Aboriginal students (including adults) performance in public schools. You will notice that there are changes to historical and trend data. Once a student has self-identified as being of Aboriginal ancestry (First Nations: Status and Non-Status, Métis and Inuit), the student is included in all reported outcomes for Aboriginal students. This approach ensures a consistent methodology for identifying Aboriginal students across years, as students may self-identify as Aboriginal on some enrollments and not on others.

Click here for the full Aboriginal “How are we doing”  report

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